USF Weather Center

University of South Florida Department of Geography
4202 East Fowler Avenue
NES 107
Tampa, Florida 33620
Telephone (813) 974-2386
Fax (813) 974-4808


Meteorology is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and forecasting. Meteorological phenomena are observable weather events which illuminate and are explained by the science of meteorology. Those events are bound by the variables that exist in Earth's atmosphere. They are temperature, pressure, water vapor, and the gradients and interactions of each variable, and how they change in time. The majority of Earth's observed weather is located in the troposphere.

The Department of Geography, USF currently offers one course at the Graduate level, which is Weather, Climate and Society and four courses at the Undergraduate level which are Climate Change, Climate Change and Human Health, Meteorology and Climatology. There are also many related classes such as Natural Hazards.

The Department has its own roof Weather Station and the live weather data is displayed on a Plasma TV which is mounted at the Entrance of the Department. The current conditions and historical data are displayed here.

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